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Catch Up on Your Swinging Terminology
Swinging Terminology

Answer 10 terms below, give yourself a “top swinger” title:
  1. AC/DC: An individual who is bisexual.

  2. All Cultures: An individual or couple that enjoys all fetishes.

  3. Community Member: A person who believes that swinging is more than just enjoyment, but a natural way of life; a lifestyle.

  4. Closet Swinger: A person who withholds that he/she is a swinger.

  5. Indoor Sports: Swinging activities in general.

  6. Moresomes: More than three people in a swinging interaction.

  7. P/P: Photo and phone number (used in personal ads).

  8. Safe: Used to describe a person who cannot conceive or impregnate.

  9. Ticket: A person, usually a woman, brought to a swing party solely for the man to gain entrance.

  10. Triad: Three people, two of one sex and one of the other in a continuing relationship of emotional and physical involvement.
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Indoor Sports - йее, ай лайк ит!

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Ще трохи закордонної мудрості.



Couples looking for play on websites often list their interests and sometimes this includes threesomes. A threesome may be designated by one of the following acronyms: FFM, MFM or MMF. If this is listed in a profile, you may assume that the couple is just looking for a male or female to join them in play; but the order in which it is written may suggest the "type" of threesome they are seeking.

Newbies and even some veterans are unaware of the difference in these listings and may get confused when contacting couples. Below is a primer to help make sure you speak their language and increase the success rate of your contacts.

Male-Female-Male (MFM): Implies that the couple is looking for a male to join them in a threesome with no male-on-male play. It means that the couple is expecting the two guys to play it as straight as they can. The female is the focus of attention, so MFM means no direct contact between the men.

Male-Male-Female (MMF): Suggests that the couple is looking for a male to join them and some level of bis*xual play is acceptable. It typically means casual or at least oral male-on-male contact is OK. In some cases, you will be able to touch and play with the other male in the threesome as you would the woman.

Female-Female-Male (FFM): This is pretty self explanatory and by far the most popular threesome in the lifestyle. It signifies that couples are looking for another woman to join them with bi play required among the females.

The easiest way to remember the difference is that the letter in the middle indicates the person who is at the center of the activity. However, it's probably not a good idea to expect an acronym to say it all. Make sure to outline interests clearly in your profile, and other members will know exactly what you are looking for.

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Поліамурія в дії



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добра стаття!

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Чергове послання з-за Атлантики

Yes. The Lifestyle Is Sex Positive

Lifestyle Couples Are S*x Positive

Sex Positive is a term coined by the Sex Positive Movement that promotes and embraces the sexuality of a person as a whole. In the swingers community, people can truly embrace who they are and explore their sexuality in a safe and consensual environment. They can also gain knowledge about their sexuality and the lifestyle from our many online resources. This makes the Swinger Lifestyle part of the Sex Positive Movement. So what does it really mean to be Sex Positive?

Sex Positive Defined

Sex positivity is an attitude towards human sexuality that regards all consensual sexual activities as fundamentally healthy and pleasurable. It also encourages sexual pleasure and experimentation. Simply put, it's being open and honest with yourself about your sexuality and recognizing that all consensual sex is good and healthy. It means rejecting the concept that one kind of sex practice is “better” than another and within a community like SwingLifeStyle, people are free to explore their sexuality without judging.

Here's 5 ways in which the Swinger LifeStyle embraces the Sex Positive Movement:

  • Self-Awareness: People in the lifestyle are comfortable in exploring their own sexuality and know what they want to get out of the lifestyle. Whether it's exploring a bi sexual fantasy or engaging in a three-some, they are relaxed in doing so and connecting with others in the community.
  • Communication: Successful members of the lifestyle (whether it be couples or singles) have an open line of communication with one another. This is important for building trust which enables them to establish wants, desires and needs with other consensual partners.
  • Acceptance: Lifestyle couples and singles have adopted the idea that just because it doesn’t turn them on doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Whether it’s a three-some, foursome, group sex, sadomasochism, bondage, whips and chains, etc., as long as it’s consensual, it’s really of no concern what other people are into -- we all embrace what we love and have fun.
  • Consent: The lifestyle provides a safe space for consenting adults to live out their fantasies so "No" always means no and consent is viewed as the Holy Grail. However, among consenting adults...anything goes.
  • Boundaries: Intimacy is complex and often brings up emotional, physical and spiritual intensities; so lifestyle couples and singles set boundaries and rules that they play by and communicate to others so everyone is on the same level. This builds trust and understanding between all those involved.

The Sex Positive is a social and philosophical movement that advocates these attitudes and the lifestyle has embraced them -- making it a safe place for all to become more Sex Positive.

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Заокеанські мудрагелі продовжують надсилати нам результати своїх цікавих дослідів.

Why Most Couples Play "Same Room"

One of the main reasons couples swing is to connect with others in the lifestyle and enjoy play time. Before the play begins, couples often set rules and boundaries that govern the experience. This may include the option of "same room" or "separate room" play.

So what does it specifically mean to play "same room" or "separate room"? Well, “same room” couples have a policy that all sexual activities need to happen in the room where they can all see and hear each other. They may also prefer everything to occur on the same bed (right next to each other) because of the shared experience. Whereas “separate room” couples prefer to split up into different rooms for sexual activities, perhaps closing the door for privacy.

Couples new to the lifestyle or "newbies" generally start out with "same room" play but may choose to relax their policy over time. This can develop after spending some time in the lifestyle and becoming more comfortable with their surroundings and being apart from their partner, or the discovery of and/or increased interest in the benefits to separate room play.

However, there are also a significant number of lifestyle couples who keep a "same room" only policy, even after many years. Couples will tell you a number of reasons why they choose this option, but we have outlined the most important ones below.

Top reasons why couples continue their "same room" play:

  • Group Play: Couples often stay with "same room" play because multiple people on the same bed can be climactic with many different sex positions and combinations that can only happen with a group playing together.
  • Bi-sexual Play: Living out bi-sexual fantasies is a goal for many in the lifestyle. Some couples have wives or husbands who are bi-sexual or bi-curious and the only way to experience this is to have play time with both halves of a couple. This can only be achieved with "same room" play.
  • Voyeurism: Some couples (or parts of a couple) like to watch. Whether a newbie couple, a cuckold husband, or a partner who wants to watch, many swingers get a thrill out of watching their sexual dreams come to life.
  • Location, Location, Location: Some swingers meet others for play time at clubs, parties and other lifestyle events. Not all parties are on premise and couples may end up leaving the party to go play at a nearby hotel. One room will probably get rented – it might have more than one bed, but usually just one room.

As the old lifestyle saying goes, "a couple that plays together, stays together." Whichever room guidelines you and your partner decide to choose, make sure it's agreed upon by both parties and realize that either option is acceptable in the lifestyle.

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Kinky Sex Ideas for 2018

Explore New Lifestyle Kinks/Taboo

Swinging is an extension of the amazing sex that you and your partner share. Many couples engage in vanilla sex day-to-day, but lifestyle couples have a wild side and often use SwingLifeStyle to live out their kinkier fantasies. In the swinger community, it's important to be open to new experiences and the same goes for the more kinky stuff. While some lifestyle kinks may not be interesting to all, others can find them surprisingly erotic and sexy.

For those that want to pursue kinkier fantasies for the New Year, we suggest going into it slowly at your own pace until you're comfortable. Here's a list of lifestyle kinks/taboo to check out if a kinkier sexual adventure is what you desire:

  • Fisting: This is very popular with some lifestyle couples and requires great care (plus lots of lube).
  • Spanked: Being spanked is not just for BDSM play; couples have described reaching an orgasm from being spanked with a hand, belt, paddle or flogger.
  • Strip Show: Most swinger clubs have a stripper pole so why not put it to use? Step out of your comfort zone and put on a strip show for the crowd. If you're a little shy, bring your partner on stage for support and the best seat in the house..
  • Creampies: This is another favorite for swinger couples; watching or licking the cum from their partner after intercourse.
  • Pegging: It's not for everyone but some husbands enjoy being pegged by their wives.
  • Public Play: Whether it's the idea of being watched (or caught) couples are really into having sex in public places.
  • Rimming: The sexual art of using one's tongue on the anal rim of your partner for sexual pleasure.
  • Gang-bang: Husband watches his wife with multiple men. There are frequent gangbang parties happening in many areas.

Remember that in the swinger lifestyle, communication is the key. After new sexual experiences, discuss your feelings with your partner to decide if this is something you may want to experience again. Swinging should not be used to fill a void of what might be missing in your relationship, but can be an amazing experience for all parties involved.

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